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The honor guard journeyed to Audrstad with immediate effect: a fiery danakov clad in heavy plate and with a tower shield and flammard in hand. Accompanying him would be a handful of soldiers, each carrying the Three Headed banner. There in peace they remain and await, mingling with the locals and doing trade to pass time for several septs.
Upon questioning, it would be explained that this is an expeditionary force venturing into the West, all of them armed with crossbows, jagged weaponry, spears and there also appears to be a siege engineer amongst them. Under the orders of the Karl of Fridsaelt, they are stationed here until further directions are given.

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The unexpected handful of Soldiers and Honor Guard would be met with the curiosity of many a townsman, before being brushed off as just another vague strangeness of the north. Upon being understood that they were sent by Hyssir as simply an expeditionary force, they'd be politely permitted to lounge around the tavern, and advised to keep out of trouble. Left to their devices, Auðrstað's Karl just assuming Hyssir was in some weird exploratory mood. He'd plan to ask about it further next time the man would see the Danakov...

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