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After gathering in Piermont and readying up, the smiths working overtime to procure new and specific weaponry for the men, they were finally ready to march. Many sons remember the tales of their fathers marching south before, and some still in the military remember themselves. The last time they went into the sands, they fought other men. This time, this was no war against mankind, this was a war for preserving it.
Ten thousand men.
Two thousand men bearing spear and shields, crossbowmen with bodkin bolts, march for Tikhmaru. Along the coast, four galleys came with to the port from Piermont.
Four thousand men came down directly to the Mundarazi capital of Mutajara, lead by Thaddeus Artorius.
The rest remained dispersed near the desert cities. One thousand holding Marsailles, another thousand by Lisela, and the last two thousand holding in Piermont.

Thaddeus and a few riders went ahead of the main army to Mutajara, aiming to meet with Garai before the rest of the army appeared, to make sure there wasn't too much worry.


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