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The shockwave that spread through the world was not one of anger, or of rash action. It was methodical, prepared-planned far more in advance then anyone could have expected from the Maiden of Chaos. From the edges of Belinard to the distant shores of Bannesiel, all wondered in both fear and silent curiosity just what had been wrought upon this world.

For the past few Years, every so often a strange landmark would rise from the ground, in particular areas that seemed to carry no rhyme or reason, save for that they emboldened a theme of history within the lands they sprouted from. They seemed to appear after some great threat that had come and passed within the regions, or if a small incursion had been properly repelled from their lands. Regardless of how- these "Pillars" have risen, Twelve in all, across the landscape.

And now, they have been activated, their dark deeds coming full circle.

Beams of pure violet light now pierce the skies from each pillar, creating an unseen barrier over the plane of mortals that has had an immediate effect on those connected to the Divine. Terrible feelings have overcome them, of pain wrenching from their very form as if their souls separated from their bodies..and then a feeling of weakness for septs afterwards. Those not connected to the divine have felt no such thing, but suffer their own kind of fear. If those who normally are the protectors of this world now lack the strength granted to them, who will protect them from the maiden of chaos now? From anything that is more then bandits or hazardous wildlife?

Yet beyond such a disaster..despair festers further.

The King of Heroes, Veltes, while fighting alongside his daughter, the Goddess of War, was struck down when the Maiden of chaos took advantage of whatever great cataclysm she had unleashed to puppet the Goddess of War's Avatar, and use her mighty axe, Veneration-to strike down her father, cutting deep into his chest and mortally wounding him. Conflict within himself now rages like an infinite war, both from the betrayal of his daughter, and of some strange variable he is perhaps not aware of. Two personalities now fight for control, battling against his now fractured mind, and rendering him completely unable to fight back against the maiden of chaos.

The conflict has finally, and truly begun.



Hello, Kyle here! The next chapter of the campaign has begun in earnest, and from here, it is the players who will control the flow of what comes next. While this world is now stuck in turmoil, and there are still unknown forces working from the shadows that seek to destroy everything you have created with your characters, the key lies within the 12 pillars that have been set out across the map. If you wish to make an event to eliminate or attempt to eliminate one of these pillars, place your type of event in Other, with the Indication it is for the Campaign Arc. You can alternatively schedule an event to take out a whole triangle. While this will duly set back the Maiden if it is done, it will take an extreme effort, and lots of help from your companions and possibly your army along the way. As such, Campaign dms will be sent to assist, dming what horrors your characters will have to endure to achieve the objective of saving this world from the clutches of the Maiden of Chaos.

During this time, random events that may be something as minor as a creature gone awry to an army growing to threaten a kingdoms domain may occur, and they will be mostly focused on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, with the occasional event on the weekdays in between. However, if a Pillar event is scheduled for one of those three days, no random event will occur on that date, so everyone can stay involved. Once this is done, the endgame will be set in motion, forcing both the world and the maiden to the breaking point.

We hope you will continue this journey with us, and delve deeper into the world to finally end the reign of the maiden once and for all..

For the sake of Ease of use, the list of the pillars shall be stated here in clockwise fashion:

1. Pagan Tower

2. Honji statue

3. Brutag Statue

4. Ocean Pillar

5. Swarp Effigy

6. Mesan Eye

7. Korrigan Tree

8. Ocean Pillar

9. Necromancers right hand

10. Necromancers Skull

11. Necromancers left hand

12 Ice pillar
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