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It's dusk when the mighty ships of Glasgard set sail from their port, and the heavy forces of Boleira are rallied and sent forth for their first Consolunari Crusade. In the cover of the night, Glasgard's ships begin their push towards Auroch's Gujab, and the heavy, steady beat of the Boleiran warhorses keep morale high in their ranks.

Boleiran troops heartily meet Glasgard's raiders, and though they may have come for different reasons, they both have a set goal: the attack on the Orcish heathens. The two forces swiftly construct palisades along the cliffsides to protect the group from incoming fire, and trebuchets, engineered from both sides of the invasion, are maneuvered behind the strong barricades. Tired yet motivated siege engineers wrap the boulders in linen and pitch, and in unison, the trebuchet's stones are launched into the narrow bay of Auroch's Gujab; many of the ships are damaged and most are set alight, and the onslaught of trebuchet fire lights the clear, nighttime sky. The handful of ships are swiftly crushed by the trebuchet fire, and the troops along the cliff allow the sect of Glasgard's ships passage into the strait with glee.

However, there isn't just one target for the invading forces; foot soldiers are sent to the western bridge along the cliffs, and from it, trebuchet fire directed by Edeline's forces are launched at the allegedly illegal bridge; forces there stand in wait for potential Orcish forces, but to little surprise, the unsuspecting tribe has near-to-nothing outside of their city. Attacks by enraged lycanthropes in Vultog's forests and towers make way to Auroch's Gujab; soon, the main pillar of the bridge is destroyed, and from there, Glasgard's trebuchets light the night sky in an attack on Auroch Gujab's port, which sets the course for the main invading fleet of the barbaric raiders.

Shaman atop Glasgard's ships join in the flaming trebuchet fire, setting the port aflame. However, the Orcish troops have loosely gathered themselves, and ballistae bolts from the city's towers quickly meet Edeline's fleet; however, no matter the amount of bolts sent the fleet's way, they are only shadows in the night. Before the ships can reach land to the port, Glasgard's troops shout and holler as much of their first line of ships is sunk; luckily, however, many sailors wash up on shore and most levymen survive, all ready for battle in the black of night.

Meanwhile, Joao's specially-trained cavalry, known as Cavaleiro de Sangue, lead a rush across the eastern bridge to circle around the city and prevent Orcish escape. With the Orcish fleet swiftly destroyed by the allied forces, it's now up to the tribal Orcish warriors to beat and thwart the invading, brutish aggressors of what will be known as the Green War.

[Auroch's Gujab is now blockaded. No one can leave the city if they're inside, and patrolling forces from Boleira prevent entrance into the city, navally or on-foot.]


  • Orcs are business as usual and are soon attacked in surprise by Boleiran and Glasgard forces
  • Wall of palisades set up by both Glasgard and Boleira; Glasgard disables the western cliffside bridge with trebuchets
  • Boleira bombards Orcish ships in the strait with flaming trebuchets
  • Orcish hunters in the woods are killed, which gives reports back to Auroch's Gujab; from there, troops have begun to properly rally
  • Forces from Boleira circle back around the village to prevent Orcish escape
  • Auroch’s Gujab port is set ablaze by the main invading fleet of Glasgard
  • Small fleet from Glasgard comes in from below the bridge; trebuchets ordered to stop upon seeing them, target village
  • Invading fleet to the Orcish port: Glasgard loses three light ships, port is aflame, ships from Auroch’s Gujab absolutely decimated

Losses and manpower:
  • Auroch's Gujab: 3,870 manpower left for the battle
    • Loses all ships and 180 sailors
    • 50 Levymen
    • 15 Dismounted knights
    • 20 Bowmen
    • 40 Scouts
    • 60 Spearmen
  • Boleira: 4,630 manpower left for the battle
    • No losses
  • Glasgard: 4,516 manpower for the battle
    • 3 light ships:
      • 30 sailors drown or are killed; the rest of the crew make it to shore
      • 38 Dismounted Knights
      • 20 Levymen drown; 55 make it to shore, ready for battle
    • 2 Wulve
  • This makes it all roughly a 1:1:1 ratio; for every one man of Auroch's Gujab, Boleira and Glasgard may bring one as well.
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