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Felyndiira was born in a cave with her family, Daevion'lyr. She got the name Felyndiira T'ristree Daevion'lyr. She grew up there, enjoying her time with her family. Once she got around the age of twenty, she got a ring on her name day. A silver ring, with a dragon on it, and some snakes around the ring covered.

. The dragon showed their pride, the snake their wisdom. After a long time. One of the family turned on each other, he started to kill off everyone one by one, starting from the eldest. At a day, when she was getting married with a youth friend she had, they got wed.. But then the cave collapsed, and Felyndiira escaped right in time, she ran away from the cave, as she ended up in the Spirittree, where she was taken care of temporary. Some family members escaped too, but lost each other while on the run, Including Felyndiira's lifemate. Felyndiira then came to Sonaris, as she kept traveling, and met someone named 'Kide'. They introduced each other and talked a little, then Felyndiira mentioned that she needed somewhere to live, and Bhaic offered a home, Irn'havn. And now she continues her life, and having a search on the rest of the her family.((I don't know if I can mention Bhaic in it, but note me if you don't want that, then i'll remove that part))

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(I just thought she would be there since lu and Bhaic were there when she got offered a home, and they talked)

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