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“The legend begins with Louis DuPont - your Grandfather.” She’d say softly, her old shaking hands carding through Olivia’s hair. “At the time, an aging Duke who took a ride on his horse around the lake just below the town to ponder all things he had devoted his time to and to whom he should pass on his wealth and fortune to when the time came for him to pass.

His eldest- Joel, was frivolous and immature. Although he wanted to trust all that he had built to his son, he found his mind wandering to darkened futures. Troubled by this Louis pulled the horse to a stop, hoping to reach a conclusion before the night was out.

As the moon began to rise in the sky, and eerie fog crawled its way across the lake, and an object began to rise from the blackened water, the light of the moon glinting over it. The Duke stood, his hand reaching for his blade as he called out to the creature to reveal itself. The object rose further from the murky depths and it became evident it was the blade of a sword, rising from the deep. His eyes widened as it came forth, held upright by a spectral woman, dripping and glistening in the moonlight, he went to take a step back but found himself frozen in place. She was dressed in a deep red gown, the crest of DuPont sewn delicately onto a drenched silken handkerchief she held in her right hand-“

The story would always be cut short by Coralie’s shrieking laughter as she ran into the throne room, swiftly followed by the maids, chasing her with towels and nightclothes and hairbrushes and books, trying to tempt her back to her tower, back to bed. She, as usual, would have none of it, her chubby cheeks pulling into a wide excited grin as she’d collapse onto the floor with all our cousins and excitedly announced as if we hadn’t all heard the legend a thousand times “And she said – “

“ - She said, DuPont’s who don’t sleep when they’re told to –“ Grandmother would then have to interject sternly, Nicholas would always be sat on her lap when she told the story, she’d remove him now to stand.

“ –Nobody else is sleeping!-”

“-Everybody else is older than y–“

“Can I stay just till the end of the story? Please?”

She’d get her way, in the end. Jump between Francis and Olivia where they lay and throw her arms around her sister. It used to annoy Olivia to high hell, the same happened every night, she never listened, always was too wild for the second daughter of a Duke.

Always half a foot in crazy.

Too obsessed with legends and princesses for the second daughter of a Duke.


Olivia was in the courtyard, where the woman could almost always be found at the top of the keep. She enjoyed the feel of the sun and the sounds of her birds as they flitted and tweeted about the area. She reminisced on the story that their grandfather used to tell and then their grandmother when he had passed. Simpler times despite being children and all of their various antics. She sometimes thought of those days, when there were fewer responsibilities and she and her cousins and sister could just be and enjoy life together.

Olivia was soon pulled from her thoughts as a servant entered the courtyard, clearing their throat to get her attention.


“Yes?” She inquired as she looked up to them.

“It is ah, your sister Lady-Reine Coralie. She arrived here and was acting a bit strange, she said she was headed to her room. I sent another to check on her and she is nowhere to be found. She was mumbling something about her husband. The staff are most concerned, there are rumours that her mind has been taken by the Wicked!”

Olivia gave a slow nod as she tried to not let the concern show on her face, the woman rising quickly from her chair as she went to head through the keep. First going to her sister’s tower of a room to see if there were any clues of where the woman might have gone. Or if she could spot her from the windows.

“It appears she is headed toward the Lake”

The servant who had been sent to follow Coralie stood at one of the windows, pointing to where the blonde could be seen winding through the paths and headed toward the fabled lake. Olivia noted even from a distance the attire that her sister wore seemed a bit odd, but that was no matter at the moment. She turned on her heel, tearing through the keep and out the doors, through the gates as she rushed to see what was up with her sister. Why the woman was wandering Lisela in a zombie-like state.




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There’d been a man, earlier. Coralie recalled that. He’d interrupted her and her husband's wedding to talk about Lucrece. He’d called Lucrece useless, no, she’d called Lucrece useless. No, she’d- Coralie lost her thought, a blankness taking over her face. Lucrece wasn’t even here yet. The woman’s hands found their way down to her stomach, cradling it gently. She took another step forward on the stony gravel, it hurt her feet but, she couldn’t find her wedding shoes.

Couldn’t find her wedding shoes, on her wedding day. That made her smile. It made her smile till a stone stuck in her foot again.

“Lad- Reine Coralie?” Someone called, she looked over, a gardener. “Is everything alright Reine Coralie?” he asked, frowning at her worriedly.

She waved him off “It’s my wedding!” for some reason this just made his frown grow, he reached out to try and steady her. “Do you like my dress?” She asked, it was beautiful; ivory satin, laced with silk, mud speckled up the hem as she dragged it over the floor. “I’m going to the lady in the lake.” She told the gardener in a hushed whisper, her voice distant even to her own ears. “I have to show her my baby.”

“Ma Reine- please, wait here I'm going to fetch your sister-”

Coralie interrupted “Last time the lady in the lake told my Grandfather he’d have a granddaughter who would rule. I need her to tell me my girl will rule.” She took his hand, “Claude is waiting- I have to go.”

“Your Grace- you are delusional, you are seeing things that are not there-” He desperately tried to explain, before letting go of her and scrambling up towards the castle, almost tripping in his haste. Coralie paused to consider this, she knew she’d seen things that weren’t real before- like when she birthed Lucrece, she saw... Apart from she couldn’t have seen things when Lucrece was born because Lucrece was still safe with Coralie.

But she had, she’d seen her mother when the midwives first gave her Lucrece. The midwives -beaming- had handed her this small red, and already screaming bloody murder baby. And she’d felt a swooping bottomless terror, knowing that she was the reason that this little life exists, why she was here. Coralie DuPont alone had carried and put her here on this earth, in this kingdom. It was nowhere near the first time she’d been so wildly out of her depth. However, it was one of the first times she hadn’t felt the rush of adrenaline, the thrill to cover up the sinking, bitter feeling in her stomach.

The midwives, tired and sweaty had stood in a clump at the foot of the bed, cooing, congratulating. But Cora’s gaze had fallen behind them, to a regal faced lady stood tall and proud watching from the back. Her face made of sharp lines, a strong chin, dark brows, pale green eyes.

It wasn’t the first time Coralie had seen her mother either, she thought she’d seen her on her wedding day. Just out of reach at the altar. She’d whispered at the time, reverent like a prayer “Mother,” Barely more than an exhale of breath. In response Ginette DuPont upturned her mouth in a little half quirk, a smile more familiar in recent years on Cora’s own face, she hummed a little but didn’t move closer. Standing just too far back to be fully in focus, just out of reach.

But this wasn’t like those times, Claude was here, he-

She frowned, looking to the now empty space the gardener had filled before the first laps of water brushed under her skirt and over her feet. Looking up she was suddenly at the lake.




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Olivia arrived at the lake to see her sister standing far into the water, about waist height and the woman, kept moving. Fear shot through Olivia’s body as she watched her beloved sister walk into the water with the heavy dress and the water level keep rising on her person. “Coralie!” She screeched as she entered the body of water. “Get out of there now! The dress is heavy you’re going to drown! Why are you wearing your wedding dress?” The questions rolled off her tongue as she traipsed further into the water in an attempt to grab Coralie and pull her out but to no avail.

Coralie was too far into the lake, and the white wedding dress had begun to drag her down. Olivia swam to her, reaching out in an attempt to pull the woman from the water, but she too began to become entangled in the heavy white fabric of her sister’s wedding dress. Coralie continued muttering about Claude and Lucrece, their mother, her wedding day, Olivia could not make rhyme or reason to any of it. What she did know was that Coralie was not fighting the water and the dress and they were both being dragged down. She pulled the knife off her side and attempted to cut herself and Coralie free from the ensnaring fabric as the water pulled her under. Though soon her lungs began to burn as she was under too long. Olivia thought of Coralie, Luca, Thaddeus, and so many other loved ones as she did not see herself or Coralie getting out of this one. And as she went down, she could almost swear that she saw a spectral figure of a woman coming up from the bottom of the lake toward the two.

Should any pass the Lisela waters ways in the coming days, down the shoreline from the main body of the lake and toward the river bridge, two bodies would lay hand in hand, the small current having pushed them up to the shore. The bodies were that of Chancelier Olivia DuPont and Reine Coralie Duval, the two sisters appeared tangled in the white dress. The dress having knife slashes in it, the knife still in Olivia’s hands, cuts across her palms from where she desperately tried to free the two.


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Thaddeus had been flying overhead on his way to Piermont. What caught his eagle eye was the figures down by the water. He gave a glance, but quickly did a double take as his eyes focused on what was by the shore. Thaddeus spiraled down, and as he got closer, he saw them more and more in detail. He didn't even reach the ground before he shapeshifted back, his body thudding against the ground and rolling as he struggled to get on his feet and run towards the two. All the while, he mumbled the same word under his breath over, and over.


Tears welled in his eyes. Not only because of Olivia, but because of Coralie. He pulled the waterlogged bodies from the water and more onto solid ground, immediately but knowingly hopelessly checking for pulses. At none, he pulled his kukri and slashed apart the dress that had bound them together, before quickly channeling his divine ability. Restoration. It would only work in a short window, and as tears fell down his cheeks, he prayed to many other gods beside his own that time was on his side. He pressed both hands over Olivia's heart, and surged her with that divine energy.


A flash of rage and frustration came across Thaddeus' face, his breathing was hurried as he checked her pulse. Also, nothing. He dragged both hands down the sides of his face. He wanted to believe this was anything but what it actually was, but to no success. He put his hands on his hips and shut his eyes, shaking his head as his head hung. A quiet sob was the first to break the silence, his eyes opening to glance back at the two bodies. His knees wobbled below him, as he broke into full on crying and wailing. Once more, Thaddeus felt the weight of another extreme loss on his shoulders, the weight was enough to bring him to his knees, before the bodies.

How was he going to tell Lucrece and Luca?


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Luca stood on a small crest overlooking the lake and adjoining river, he was wearing black in this time of mourning. He knew it was something you do when someone dies, but didn't know why. He stood staring at the body of water, motionless. It was nearing winter, it was cold and the wind blew the locks of brown curled hair from his eyes, the wind blew the tears from his cheeks.

Luca didn't know what to do, he had always had his mother. She had always been there precisely when he needed her, and now he needed her more than he ever had and she was... gone. Luca replayed the words in his mind. 'Not alive'. 'Gone'. 'Died'. 'Not coming back'. He choked a little from the emotion, dropping to his knees. He just glared at the water as the tears crawled down his cheeks. His mind crept to a dark place of blame and guilt, he thought about how his mother and his aunt argued in the last visit to Piermont. He still thought it was because of him, and now they are dead. Was it his fault, did he kill them both?

His hands fell to his side and discovered a stone beside him. Picking it up he looked to the water before throwing it towards the lake with as much force as he could muster. He screamed louder than he ever had before, he was angry. Angry that those he loved were gone, Angry that they weren't coming back, Angry that he never got to say 'I love you' ever again to his mother.

Then came silence and Luca stood, Luca stood there for a long time hoping that this was a dream and he'd wake up.


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Thaddeus thought his divine ability did not work, perhaps it was performance issues? As the woman he loved had a delayed response within the period of time it would take for Thaddeus’ ability to work. It did work, her breathing just had not become apparent to him, and the woman did not fully awaken. Her unconscious form was laid out in the funeral arrangers office, clad in a dry black dress as he had begun to prep her to be laid to rest. Though instead, the woman began to stir from where she sat.

The funeral arranger glanced over his shoulder as he heard the noise, then shaking his head and chuckling to himself. “All these years and you would think I would get used to being alone with dead bodies.” He turned back around to continue working at his desk.

Olivia would soon sit up, blinking her eyes as she looked at the back of the man’s head.

“But I’m not dead?” A shriek echoed through the office as the funeral arranger then passed out at his desk upon seeing Olivia had risen.


The good doctor rushed into the room at the shriek, having lurked in the building due to some twisted form of loyalty. His eyes widened, though he was silent. His heart beat much too fast, looking down at the resurrected cadaver with awe. He knew resurrection was a very real thing in their world, but who resurrected her? Why was she here?



Rosalie would stand quietly outside, the wind blowing through her hair as she clung to the rails of her balcony. A guard would solemnly deliver the message of her sister-in-law's death. Rosalie, stunned, would fall to her knees, clutching her heart. "No!" She would screech, pounding her fist into the ground. "No, no, no!" She would slump over, sobbing without inhibition. "Why? She was my best friend..." She would look up to the sky, tears streaming down her face. "Claude... Cora." She would yell, her voice wounded. She would fall forward again, clinging to the bars of her balcony so tightly that her knuckles turned a pale white. "Why?"

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