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The Laws of the Council (1 Viewer)

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*The new laws of the council are wrote into the book delivered to each member of the council*

The Laws of the council are as follows.

1. All forms of extortion and blackmail are grounds for immediate imprisonment.

2. Murder and assault will be held as a major crime and will lead to imprisonment and possible further punishment.

3. Theft of any kind will result in imprisonment and possible removal of hands depending on severity.

4. Any form of sexual assault or rape will result in imprisonment and further punishment based on council decision.

5. Any attempt to break these laws will be held the same as breaking them.

6. Laws are to be followed in all cities under the council and issues brought forward to the council as well.

7. Laws are subject to change depending on the council and time.

8. To gain a seat on the council you must be voted in on a majority vote at any meeting.

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