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The Legend of King Roran's Queen... (1 Viewer)


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Long ago.. It is said, in the kingdom of the marble city, there was a spoiled Elven king who sat upon a throne of stone.

Day after day he would look at the empty throne beside him, his loneliness was taking him apart.

Neighboring kingoms from all around, would send him their Princesses to suit him, but he would look at their faces, and into their eyes, and he would turn them away.

One city sent their Princess, dressed in red, her eyes of brown, she curtsied to the king and said,

"I am Aurora, oh handsome King, from my father's city~"

He looked into her eyes, and shook his head.

"This woman is not my bride.." He would say, and make her leave that day.

Another princess came, dressed in yellow, eyes of grey, she curtsied to the king and said,

"I am Celestine, oh sweet and noble King, from my father's city", she smiled.

Again, the King would look into her eyes, and shake his head.

"This woman is not my bride!" He would say, and make her leave that day..

The King grew tired in his loneliness, and took a walk into the forest, asking his gods why they punish him so with this sadness.

As he walked, he heard a sound beyond the tree line before him, and he went to see what it was.

There, as he stepped towards the trees, a woman stepped out of the brush.

A tall angel of pale skin, with bright green eyes, a dress of white.

He looked at this woman and he smiled, and said,

"It would seem my bride hath found me.."

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They walked back to the castle together.

The King was arranging the wedding, the kingdom was in a time of celebration, but the lady could not speak. A cost of her perfection, the lack of a voice.

It is said, that in the dark of the night, just before the wedding...

The King transgressed against the gods with another woman within the castle walls, and his bride was taken back by their power, for she was naught to be seen again since.

To this day, some people say they can see her, stepping out of the woods from afar, calling out with no sound, before disappearing again back into the forest, lost without her love once more...

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