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The Question of Impersonation (1 Viewer)


That Darth Vader scene in Rogue One was AWESOME
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Through the roads of the Reiklands heading into the cold north, a goblin courier with the colors of both of both the Reik and Mundas'Ranaz would approach the homeland of the Northmen, a letter sealed by wax crest.
Jarl Hilda ( @Chae ),

Recently an Orc came to the Reiklands, claiming to be of my tribe and threatened my kingdom with war and blood on behalf of another claiming my name. Obviously this Orc who steals my name is not me, and I ask with your recent expansion if you have heard or seen any orcs in the lands once claimed by the Zheng who say to be of my tribe, specifically if they claim to be lead by one called the Bloodfiend Vultog. In my opinion, those lands would be the most likely place of their home as it is close enough to the Reiklands that they believe to pose a threat to us and it remains largely uninhabited except by small tribes since the Zheng have left. However, I have nothing to confirm such suspicions and I ask that if any information comes your way to please tell me.

These Orcs who claim to be of my tribe do not represent us. They wish for massacre; those truly of Mundas'Ranaz hold honor in high regard, not slaughter.

Vultog, Chieftain of Mundas'Ranaz

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