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Amaris walked away from the Aveyron keep dragging her father's sword behind her, she had finished her quest ,but had found out the terrible truth of what became of her father, of whom her entire journey was based upon. She didn't know what to do with herself, she had spent so long reading the stories within the Vallis Academy, learning the history of her Father and most trusted friend, and their feats that their faction had accomplished as well as the great tragedies that always followed, it almost brought her to tears that it had ended this way.

It wasn't long until she found herself within one of the many taverns, tracing over the intricate designs upon her father's long sword, she began to wonder why he'd thrown all he had away to raise children that weren't his or to die in the name of the Rhetts. The more she thought the more she realized how much of her family name was shrouded by darkness. A family made by slavery and broken with their loyalty to others but never themselves; a broken family.

She began to tug on the tightly tied ribbon upon the blade, her ribbon from when she was just a youth, thinking more and more about her past alongside her father's.
Looking back upon the blade, her name etched onto it's design, her blood began to boil, a betrayal festering within her as she looked upon it's sharp edge. She thought to herself about how he wielded this in her name and not the Rhetts, slaying anything in his way for her memory. She hated this, why couldn't he have just come home. . . have a happy life, a danger free life. . . alive.

She slammed her fists against the wooden table, taking up the blade that had falsely killed in her name. She reeled her arm back and swung against the tavern's stone walls, the vibration tingling through her body with each stroke fueled hate and fire. She swore to herself to remake what was left of her legacy, a name, the name Chromer would no longer stand for it's sadden past, but it's bright future. The sound of metal screaming was heard throughout the tavern, onlookers begging her to stop and a specific individual trying to forcibly stop her from fulfillment, she fended off the onslaught of words and cries, each stroke becoming more inflamed.

As the metal upon the blade warped around itself, Amaris couldn't help by feel hopeful. She finally knew why her father did what he did, the sword was not a vigil of protection but as a mean of clearing a path, and with each stroke Amaris took she felt closer to him. Swinging harder and harder until finally the blade shattered against the wall.

She looked upon the piece of metal and hilt, this was no longer the sword of knight sworn to another's family, but a blade she took through the ashes of the past and rekindled into something of her's. As she was a broken person, so too was the blade, it was her birthright to reforge the blade in her future. For she knew already how to rebirth the blade, first she had to prove once in for all that her family wasn't simply slaves, but heralds of loyalty, honor, and most importantly kinship. . . for with each swing was followed by the unbridled hope that she could somehow fix what had been shattered.

She looked happy for once in a while, but it wasn't long as her gaze went towards the Knight who had sworn revenge upon those who killed her father, she felt tinge of sadness for him. . . her father was but a man, and he had finished his watch long ago, there was no need for revenge. . . She begged him to keep the other half of the blade and let him do what he wills with it. It'd seem that Kanu's plunge had ignited not one but two burning desires. . . whether or not the roads each will take will hold true to what Kanu had worked for all his life as this has yet to be decided.


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