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Holy crap we can put our own Custom Titles?

Vultog would arrive with a small guard of his tribesmen to the Obelisk of Sterk. As per the Konig's orders, his guard were fully armed and armored in case of another assassination attempt, although it was clear they were distracted. Their chief had come back from the dead, and ever since he arrived from Highmeadow is face was akin to stone; unmoving, showing no emotion except for the occasional glance at the horizon. Something had changed in his death, or perhaps in his new life.

Eventually, the escort arrived at their destination, the great shrine hiding the sun to cover them all in shadow. There was a singular purpose for his meeting, and a singular person he sought. Vultog approached the last Sister of the Sword, and asked her one question:

"What happened the day I was killed?"


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The Sword Sister, olden now and more grey of hair than the last time the Orc had seen her rose from her position of prostration unto the Obeslisk of Sterk, new and ressurected from history of its old ruins. She turned, leaning upon her sword as she looked to him, half-blind now. Time seems to not be kind to Ancients...

"Your salvation."


Holy crap we can put our own Custom Titles?

The orc replied spitefully, the answer clearly not to his liking.

"All my death has done is caused pain."

Vultog thought on the woman's reply as he turned away, knowing that prying for more answers would be fruitless. However, the longer he continued to contemplate the more he became convinced that she was somehow involved, perhaps directly so. Perhaps she had been corrupted by Foli or this new Sterk due to her age. In any case, he would speak to Avel, and he would return.

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