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I always wanted to go across the sea. I came from the east which seems like such a long time ago. What lies to the West I wonder. I never truly understood why the direction of West has always been so important to me. Perhaps it was going West that saved me from my old home. Mother is dead after all. I never talk about her much. She was a Human. A evil cruel woman. I remember how she hit me and my brother. She hit us, starved us, I suppose you could say she had her way with us. Her and my Aunt. After they died I remember finding our real home in the mountain. Ruined, pillaged. I think we found our real parents bodies. That's where I learned that my real name is in fact Galafron and not just "boy".

When this war is over I will have to ask Lana if she wants to go on an adventure. Perhaps to my beloved West. Perhaps there we can find new wonders, lands, and peoples. As I watch the sun set on the ocean I wade in it. I have been teaching myself how to swim. Living on an island it would be useful.

I saw Eala again yesterday. She is pregnant with I think to be her first child. Jeroxia and Eala seem very happy together. Seeing them kiss and hold each other brings back memories of Desdemona. Her memory still pains me. I dreamed about her just a few days ago. She told me to take my revenge on Felix but now that I know I can have my freedom back without bloodshed is it really worth it? Even after all the pain he has caused me does he really deserve to die? Jeroxia told me it's not him that is truly evil, but Cruven and his advisors who are the true evil.

I wish I never met Desdemona. But on the other hand I am glad I did. I really should ask Lana if she wants an adventure. Without war, without death. Maybe if Lana allows me to accompany her I can talk her into sailing into the West. Or perhaps I can take her and Rosalee to a place where they have never ventured into. The jungles south of Arvilla have not been explored fully. Jungles are a fun place to run around in. Or I can take them to the Ice Plains of the Far North, to the east of Aethius.


I don't know what to call today. As I finally sit at my desk at Kharud for the first time in months I feel mixed. I am at last free. Free to wander the world again on adventures. But also I am in a fury I have never been in before. Felix dared to say that humans and dwarves could not love.*The handwriting becomes shaky* How Dare He! He called me swine. Does he realize that as the second in command of Kharud I am a Noble? I may not be important but I deserve respect. His ignorance disgusts me. She left him for ME. She then left me to return to him but does it really matter? She loved me.

After the meeting Eala told me to come to Luniath soon. I am not sure if I can. I told Arden I would go to Saltrock to ask for guidance. Eala and Jeroxia would obviously tell me to stay safe in Luniath. But the winds call for me to go out and see the world. Explore new places. Perhaps I can get a ship and sail far to the west and find paradise. Or is Luniath the paradise I wish for?

Lana agreed that we can go on an adventure into the Jungles south of Arvilla. I need to long ride on Gus. I really do.


Well, today was very odd. I came to Dy'lamere expecting Lana and Rosalee to be doing their usual things. And I was right, they were playing a game called "Truth or Dare". It is a game where you ask the person to do something or tell the truth about a question. It was bizarre. Rosalee petted my beard, asked me who I had a fancy too, all sorts of odd things. Then I was told to dare Lana to do something. My mind went blank (Also OOC for that matter) and asked Lana to make a small fireball in her hand. Apparently she is no longer able to use magic, which made me rather sad. I then said the absolute worst thing. I told Lana to kiss Rosalee, which I expected to be a short quick kiss. But they kissed for 5 whole minutes! I hated it the whole time. It reminded me far too much of myself and Desdemona. And then Lana told me to be a cat which then resulted in me hitting my head which I admit I did on purpose as a joke but it backfired. Lana and Rosalee told me to please get out. Which I reluctantly did. Then I realized I forgot to give them back their Cat Eared Hat that Lana made me wear. Then Lana came out of her bedroom door with nothing but a bed sheet. I do not want to think of Lana that way as I am now a Wake. Which then gave me even MORE memories of Desdemona. I need to find some love before I go insane from this grieving business.

But I am a Wake now. So that's one good thing that happened.

Banned User

Galafron, my new brother.

You left this journal right where we were sitting in Dy'lamere, and upon reading your last entry, I assume you left it there for my to read...due to the timing of the entry.

Your a Wake now...this doesn't mean your a god, nor does it mean it's the greatest thing that's ever happened in your life, taking up the last name. No, the last name Wake is more or less something of significance. Like a warm smile, or a tear from the eye. The name Wake implies we have been through things that perhaps others have not. It means we have repelled what the gods have done with us, we have lived through the impossible, as my Michelle would've said.

We used to sit together, me and Michelle and say these....crazy things.

"We beat the impossible" was the greatest thing we ever told eachother. Well, we did....and I am still alive today to prove this.

Galafron....It wasn't my purpose to...make you remember Desdemona.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean for that.

And....we also didn't know you did that on purpose...

...a fun fact would be that if I hit my head on the roof that hard, my shell would crack, and most likely, my head would come off and I would die.

See why I worried? ... either way, I am sorry.

I've had...a quick scan through your journal. Curiosity got the best of me.

But I've spent more time writing this then reading. Because, dear brother, I wouldn't want you going through my diary without you knowing~

I'm sorry. Please...cheer up?

Love doesn't always end up in happiness. But when it does, it's the best feeling in the world...I know this. You can find love, yes...but it may take years.

Or it may find you...like Rosa did.

Until then, note this, that one day love will come, reguardless. And until then, unless you are happy, it may draw back even further.

I am your sister now, dear brother.

I will do all I can with my soul and essence to help, guide and care for you.

Like all my family.

-Lana Wake


I have not made an entry in my Journal for a long time.

Felix, my mortal enemy is dead, and sadly not by my hand. It seems the entire House is dead or have disappeared. I can rest in peace.

I sent a letter to all the Noble Houses. Duncan seems to agree with me.

However there is one person who threatens my newly forged peace. A Franco who is a Bastard Son of one of the Belmonte's. I have stayed awake for days trying to decide what to do this boy. He is only 16 and demands to be crowned and insists on being a good King. I will meet him in person under the name of Grimmier but keep my appearance. I will warn him to stay away from Aethius and stay in Arvilla as King of the Dead City.

If he refuses... I will be forced to kill him and toss his corpse into the fires. Darkness is clouding my mind. A darkness of doing anything to keep the peace. I will kill anyone who takes the Crown for himself.

I admit I desire the Crown. But I refuse to take it.

*This part is spoken aloud and cannot be read*-

The boy is only 16 Galafron. What are you thinking?

The Heir to Felix will be payment for what Felix did to me.

But he can still live.

You have grown soft Galafron, remember the four we killed as a child?

They were actually evil, they enslaved me and Aataran...

This Heir could also be evil. Crueler then Felix himself.

I will not kill an innocent boy for what he COULD do.

But he will.

Damnit... Fine, but I speak of this to no one.

Good, and then the peace is promised. And our Revenge will be complete.

Yes... Peace. And an end to the Nightmares...


Well journal. As I read through this I realize how eventful my life is. I came to this land when I was 16 years old. But nothing really happened until this past year.

I had a horrible childhood I admit. With my mother and aunt always hurting me and my brother. Beating us, making us slaves. And then Aataran and I killed them both and the Chief of the Human village we were forced to live in. And then we set sail on that stupid raft and landed here. And then we never talked to each other for decades!

And this part year... I have lived with Elves, Pirates, Dwarves, have an affair with Lady Desdemona until she killed herself from some sort of madness, become a Prince of Dwarves, create,the easiest way to create obsidian weaponry, be nearly put to death and escape Felix's forces, become a Leader of the Rebellion, gain my freedom, join the Wake family, see Lana find love again, meet Goliath and have to watch her die, meet her brother, have Arli Ardrugon come back from the dead twice and about to watch it a third time apparently, lose my dear brother Aataran, and I have survived it all.

And I intend on only going up from here, but enough of the farther past and into the newer.

I made it to the Ball. Lana, Rosalee, Jeroxia, Eala, Duncan, Arden, and Nero were there.

But I got a chance to meet Franco. I would say that I like the Lad. But I don't believe him when he said he did not write the letters to me. He offered me a glass of wine which I did not drink as I do not trust him. I hope he stays in Arvilla.

Nero appears to have found love. A Princess of sorts named Ivy. I was going to ask him if he wanted to be my adopted son but afterwards Arli told me that Nero is the Heir to House Ardrugon. I will still ask Nero if he wants to join me in Khaurd still.

Lana and Rosalee are to be married, I watched them propose. Until Lana fainted. That is when I saw Lucifer again. I have met a Human Adventurer named Favlonius who we have become fast friends. We went to Spirethorn and we met Lucifer. Lucifer told me that not only was Desdemona with Felix and myself, but also with Lorgar. That nearly broke my mind to be honest. It certainly broke my heart yet again.

I saw that there has to be some good in Lucifer. And then who would I see but Arli? He has come back from the dead and is well. We did not speak of much to be honest. That was when I went to see Lana.

Lana was in her home with Rosalee, Lucifer was there. I managed to get Lana's attention. She however is not overly fond of Lucifer so Lana scared me with her anger.

Lana was foolish enough to go to Eagrose to track down Lucifer but he was injured and bleeding from his ear. And then I met Erika, my new niece as she is the daughter of Lana. Erika and I engaged in conversation until Lana fainted. I held her in my arms for the entire ordeal from when she fainted until Erika left. I won't go into details about that conversation. But Lana is alive and well. And we will get her a new body incase she needs one.

My axes finally broke, so I made a new pair(Can be seen on the character profile). They are even sharper then my last pair and are circular so I can do even more damage in battle.

One last thought. I am going to create a new secret organization with a few of my trusted allies. We will-if the organization if created- watch over Aethius incase a new evil rises. I am thinking about a name but I have no ideas. I'll think about a name later.


I come back to Aethius after my leave for my Homeland and what do I find?

Aethius is in a worse state then it was before the rebellion started. Lana has told me Eric has created a counsel much like the one I tried to start. However they apparently are just as horrible as Belmonte. I plan to sail for Saltrock and confront Arden about him joining with these filth.

I will bring piece to Aethius even if it's the last thing I do. Even if it costs me my life and soul.

Benon tried to murder me after I came to Auvrea to apologize for my "trespassing". Jannis was there but I wonder what she thinks of me being beaten and nearly killed infront of her. Raeling actually saved me from being burned to a crisp. When I heal and learn how to combat magic I will take the fight to Benon and show him just how powerful I really am. And if Lana's words are true about the Council then I will have to fight them as well.

Lana told me there will never be peace. But I WILL make it so. I WILL stop this once and for all.


At last I am no longer wanted in Auvrea. I helped save the city from a Necromancer and I at last fought a DRAGON!! So that's another thing off my list of things to do. But I want to fight one alone or with a close friend to prove my power. Raeling lost his mind and Benon and I managed to subdue him before he could make any damage.

After the battle I met a elven woman named Othwen. We agreed to ride North and take care of the Necromancer. However I offered her a trip down to Kharud-bur. Damnit Morad! What have you done to our City!? A horrible evil temple lays on the peak. I will ask Morad if I can try and fight whatever evil lies within it when I see him. I do not care how powerful this demon is, I can and will kill it.

Benon and I arm wrestled. He sadly gave up. It's funny as even as he strained to push my arm down I could still talk to Othwen normally. He asked me to make him his proposal mask to marry Othwen.

Everyone seems to be finding love. I do hope I can at last find someone to spend my life with.


It has been a while book. But I want to write in you before something terrible happens. The Mercs almost seem as if they are becoming an army. I don't know what they are planning but it cannot be good. I have made firm allies in Auvrea. Benon, Othwen , Sandshaper, Raeling, the lot of them.

Benon and Othwen want to stay in Kharud-bur. I do not know how to respond really.

There is a slave that Benon baught, his name is Ori. He sems to hate me even when I told him about my past as a slave.

There is a woman I have never met before. Her name is Syruko, she is the most beautiful person I have ever had the honer to meet. She is amazing with weapons, she seems to be brave and true. I have never been with a woman before, so I fear she secretly hates me. I will look over the journal and see if I have missed anything. I have just found a Portal in the wilds north of Auvrea, I will make note of this in my map and head south to Auvrea and see if Syruko is back.


(The Final Moments of Galafron Wake Bulgar: Heir of the Dwarves and House Bulgar at Kharud-bur, Hero of Aethius, Honorary Member of House Wake, Founder of The Watchers, Pirate, Rebel, Lover, Almost-Father, and Friend)

*Galafron has aged rapidly after being forced to leave Aethius, his hair is white and is sick with loosing the will to live. He sits in his chair and lives alone. He is staring into his fire*

I feel old now. That being said I do have a white beard. It looks quite good on me I must admit. It's nice here. Not a lot of talking people but it's nice. I remember everything looking back. My brother Aataran, Luniath, Eala and Jeroxia. I wonder what their child is like. I had hoped I would have become his Godfather or something like that. I remember Lana and Rosalee. They were married. And Lana seemed upset before I ran. I guess I am no longer part to House Wake. I remember the Rebellion against Belmonte and Felix with Arden and Fort Katherine. I remember Ardell and Gus. I miss them. And I remember Desdemona, the love of my life. I think I am going to you at last. I love you. and I love the people of Aethius, no matter what they think of me. I am innocent of my accusations.

I can feel my spirit leaving my body. I am going to Paradise. I can just make out the faces of my brother and my real parents. And I can see Desdemona. I am going on my final adventure. To whomever finds Gus or my belongings, I want you to become the Hero I could not be. Gus knows the way, just follow him.

*And with that Galafron closed his eyes for the last time. His spirit left his body and he went into Paradise. He watched Aethius grow and crumble, tear itself apart in bloody wars and repair itself stone by stone. He reunited with his family and with Desdemona. And he was happy.*

(I know, I know. I am well aware on how stupid this project was but it was for me it was more important then a bunch of characters doing random silly things. These characters are like the characters in my favorite book series. You care when one of them dies or cheer when one rises to Heroism. Galafron was the man I want to be. He was every good thing I could think of and I mashed it into a cliche Hero character. I want to see more good characters who always try and do the right thing. And with this last entry I say my final goodbye to my pride and joy; Galafron Wake Bulgar. I wanted to give Galafron a good end to his story and I hope I succeeded in that.

If you have read this far, please know that you are free to OOC spam the living crap out of this thread and spew your hatred for goodie goodie characters. Be my guest, it is my thread after all)

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