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((FINALLY, someone who understands that shutting down a town completely will have consequences to morale, economy, and living factors!))

((Brackets supplied by Death Inc.))

Duncan Steelfist

Humanity will endure
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\ said:
A Guard approaches Duncan Steelfist , and as he hands him a letter, he says:Sir, a Dark Elf from Irn'Havn requested that I give you this, sir.

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*sighs heavily, thinking the safest course of action*

"Quarantine a path towards their airship, have guards escort the inhabitants of irn'havn* (spelling?) to and from the airship, however all supplies and individuals going too and from the 'outside' are going to have to go through an screening process and inspection by the hospital staff before access is allowed. It may not be in the best interest of the town, but I won't sentence people to death in the name of security."

*the guard nods and relays the information back*

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