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This letter is scratched, here and there torn and the wax seal on its front appears malformed.
"To the aspirant Finn Patzer,​
It has come to my immediate knowledge that there is a certain disease by the name 'Crystalrot'. Recently I have been infected and thus there is plenty of first hand experience to share and portray, hoping that this will be of use later on:​

This disease is as insidious as it gets. After contracting it there come no instantenous symptoms, but within a few days excrutiating pain develops around the affected area. Muscles and flesh wither and give way only so crystals may sprout and work toward the surface. Luckily no bone of mine has been subject to breaking, however, my lungs suffered lethal damage. If it wasn't for my benefactor, I would not be writing this letter to you.​

Contracting this disease is... I am uncertain- But, the scenario I was in ended with a powdered substance being inserted directly into my respiratory system. There may be a connection to the crystals and this powder, it would not be too far a stretch to assume that the two are the very same just ground down. I leave you a few pieces, there still are a number of these crystals on my body, however they are inept and only remain on the very upper level of the skin by now... Day after day falling off with withered scales due to Biomancy.​

This disease is lethal within the first week of its contraction. Extreme caution is advised."​

Karl of Fridsaelt,
Hyssir'larhaa Aardynar



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Finn would receive the letter, scanning it over more than once as he digested the information therein. He sat as his table, thinking the matter over before finally putting pen to paper and writing a response.


To the Karl of Fridsaelt,

Hyssir'larhaa, it gladdens me to hear that you survived your bout with this disease. Though, that you contracted it in the first place does give me cause for concern. Even so, your foresight in taking careful note of the illness even as you are suffering from it will go far in terms of medical knowledge, I'm certain.

With the samples you provide, and with your blessing, I will do what I can to perform my own research in a controlled environment. Hopefully, the knowledge gleaned from the endeavor will offer some insight into the nature of the disease.

When we next speak, I will no doubt have several questions to ask of you and information to share. Until then, I wish you a speedy recovery.

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