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A pleasant and simple poster is hung in the streets of Seori, written in Hanese.

[!] Hello, I am looking to speak with one who might be in a position of power in Seori, or anyone looking to provide work. I'm in need of housing and arunes. I'm willing to do most any kind of work, please send a letter to Miiko Tsubaki if anyone finds themselves even slightly interested. Thank you. [!]


I don't know who to tag for this, as I couldn't find anyone involved in Seori at the moment, but then again I'm not the most acquainted person here!!​

The Big Pheonix

Landon "Boomer-Killer" Reese
A letter would soon be sent back to the poster, written in a rough Hanese script.
Dear Citizen of Seori,

I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Jason Lukas, the current shogun Seori. I'm glad to see someone such as yourself is in the area and is seeking work please find me in my home at the center of the town and talk to me about work. There's plenty to be done around here.

Your's Truly,
Jason Dalsun Lukas

Please Message me on discord at Big Pheonix#6676 and we can figure out when we can meet!

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