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The flesh endures the storms of the present alone; the mind,

those of the past and future as well as the present.
Gluttony is a lust of the mind.
How long had it been since the banquet started...

They hanged from the rafters of the chamber in near total silence, save for the low treble groans that escaped its maw as its eyes struggled with staying open. The room smelled fowl as around the corners the room had slowly began to become stained and filled with the sickness and droppings that had escaped since it started the grand meal. Its aroma mixture of sulfuric gasses and ripe citrus that held in the air so thick one would dread the thought of tasting it in their tongue. Though it mattered not what others might have tasted, it was not their meal to feast upon. No one could truely savor the bounty that it had acquired. It was nothing that required the cosmic collapse of the entire realm, thundering skies of hellfire or the death of thousands to obtain, simply a few conjurations and a little ingenuity of its great intellect.

And yet... something had been left unaccounted. As the pleasure saw no bounds as they gorged further upon what they had collected for devouring, they sensed something amiss. It was not dire, it did not bring great pain, It only lulled the senses. More and more, the quantity became more intimidating to face. It saw its form weak as the courses were taken slower and slower, till finally they took a bite to eat, but couldnt hold it down. Its body contorted and spasmed, twitching with every grudging gasp for air. It had chanced fate and its constitution too far, and now it was giving up upon itself. Then, only slowly, did its eyes wane, and it grew limp where it hanged, a sense of stillness came over them, until they moved no more.

What drastic sounds that previously echoed within grew quiet, till it returned to two sounds. The lulled breaths of the conjured... and the frightened breaths of its conjurer.

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