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Treaty of Armament & Agriculture: Fort Katherine - Duncan Steelfist (1 Viewer)


Finnis the Finnis'd Finniser.
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This Treaty hereby verifies and recognizes the trading commencement between Fort Katherine and Duncan Steelfist of Ancient Bluff. This treaty gives shareholders value of products produced by the Forge including and emphasizing the Dwarven Steel. Both Armor and Weapons.

The services rendered where the investment costs of materials shipped to construct BlackWheel Forge.

Finish Products are to be shipped aboard certified Journeymen of Steel merchant ships.

Additional products such as Agricultural consumables will be shipped in addition with previously stated armaments.


Althalos Maernis & Eric Quintus, Duncan Steelfist.

Duncan Steelfist

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Sorry terms and conditions apply, I'm not going to spam make that for everyone, and anyone wanting dwarven steel off me with me will have to screenshot and roleplay as I'm not just going to hand it out free @Silvertread furthermore, no forge for you.

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