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Tylluan Fairëthorn An Skarsgard | Chronicler of The North (1 Viewer)


Nature's Guardian
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~ Name And Age Information ~

Full Name
Tylluan Fairëthorn An Skarsgard

Birth Name
Tylluan Fairëthorn

Familial Names
An Skarsgard

Nicknames (Favor to Disfavor)

o Chronicler of the Morrigna

Cold Resistance - Snow Elves are more resistant to cold environments than any other race, able to thrive within them.

o Lightvision - A Snow Elf's hypersensitive eyes allow them to far more easily distinguish and note both movement and color, however it makes it far more difficult for them to see in areas of dim lighting and in darkness.

o Magic Resistance - Snow Elves find themselves resistant to forms of magic involving frost, cooling of temperature, or ice.


Age he appears
As is the nature of such long-lived races, Tylluan would appear quite young. Perhaps equal to a Human in their late 20's.

Birth Date (OOC)
October 12th

Birth Place

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~Physical Information ~

Snow Elf



Ectomorph. Thin shoulders and spry limbs, but he is toned and strong for his size, having trained as a hunter since youth.


133 pounds

Hair Color/Length/Texture/Style
The hair on his body is a pale whitish blue. It is fairly straight, and about shoulder-length. He tends to keep it loose but brushed aside from his face.

Eye Color/Type
His eyes are a pale green. Many describe his gaze as very alert or piercing.

Skin Tone/body
The skin of Tylluan is quite pale, being a Snow Elf.

Face Shape/Details
His facial features are quite soft, with small pointed ears and thin eyebrows.

Two faint scars across his face. One from a claw, another from a spar.

He wears very nice Seal-leather boots lined with Polar Bear fur, a thick dark red shirt with a Skarsgard Tartan crossing over, and a mantle of Crow feathers. His hands are covered with thick leather gloves.

He remains cleaner than some but not all. Baths are often quite cold in Annwynn so he sometimes delays.

Tylluan has an average pitch when he speaks, and is a baritone when singing. He speaks rather loosely, often sounding fairly casual.

Dominant Hand
Left handed - Partly Ambidextrous

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~Personality Information ~

Main Character Strength
Unusually alert. A valued tracker, with a keen eye for detail.

Main Character Weakness
Often takes the first chance to distance himself from danger, sometimes at the cost of others.

Good Traits
o Intelligent
o Swift
o Observant
o Artistic

Neutral Traits
o Curious
o Quiet
o Loner

Bad Traits
o Cowardly
o Rude
o Insecure

As a Skarsgard, Tylluan venerates Engel. However he puts a special value on her spirit Hervinn, taking interest in all the creatures and souls he's seen and escorted.

Short Term Goals
o Serve as the clans Chronicler [=]
Avoid more combat training [+]
Find some way to prank Imryll [-]

Long Term Goals
o Fill his compendium with animal/monster drawings [+]
Try and become brave [+]
Record some great tale [-]
Stay alive [A]

[X] Failed
[=] Constant
[+] In Progress
[-] Not Started

Fighting a monster [Major]
o Fighting people [Average]
o Socializing for too long [Minor]
o Most things [Minor]

Tylluan is concerned with recording things such as the natural mannerisms of animals and monsters when left alone, the biological structure of creatures, and drawing such creatures.

Marital Status

o Humming - When bored, he'll often find himself humming softly.

o Nervous laugh - He often laughs nervously when uncomfortable.

o Eye contact - Due to his racial eyesight, he tends to glance around at what's behind people he's speaking to- so long as there is movement in his periphery.

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~Background Information ~

Mother: Olibhia Alfirin An Skarsgard
Father: Cormac Borgil An Skarsgard
Brother: Ualraig Ornil An Skarsgard
Sister: Raonaid Isilya An Skarsgard
Uncle: Connall Mac Berwyn An Skarsgard
Cousin: Imryll Ni Connall An Skarsgard

Born to the brother of the Skarsgard Chieftain, Tylluan was raised with certain expectations. He was trained as a hunter like his father, though never quite took a liking to it. He'd begrudgingly take his lessons, and never got as good with hunting weapons as his father would have liked. He'd often try to avoid going on hunts, wanting to instead spend time watching the skinners and tanners work. He'd take an interest in butchery and the preparation of the animals materials for use by the Kerlahad craftsmen. This eventually grew to an interest in the physiology of animals and the understanding of how they operate and function. His hunting practice would decline and the jokes his friends made of him increased as he grew less and less proficient with a bow or spear; but his knowledge expanded. He became well known for his speed in writing both on stone and on paper. He'd often be called upon to record meetings for his father and uncle, and to document the final wishes of the ill or dying. He's still the target for most of the Skarsgard jokes, known to be fairly cowardly and the most likely to make a mistake when shooting bows or throwing a spear. But he's found a new place in the clan as his reputation as a chronicler spreads to the other families, recently being taken on by the Ard Ri for a task or two.

Past Homes
o N/A

Current Home(s)
o Annwynn

Past Jobs
o Hunter

Current Job(s)
o Chronicler of the Skarsgard family

Deaths: Zero

o Elvish (Fluent) -
Tylluan speaks Elvish by birth. Speaking a Northern dialect, he is able to communicate with other Elven races but some words may not match up.

o Common (Adept) - Common is Tylluan's second language, learning it to communicate with visiting Southerners and traders. He can speak in it, transition smoothly into it, and write it with relative ease.

o Avaltan (Adept) - Tylluan speaks Avaltan due to proximity to Northern Human tribes and hunters. He's learned enough to be able to determine friend or foe, and to make trades with other hunters.
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