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Danakovian Lord
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Valerie Ducaran
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  • Name: Valerie Ducaran
  • Former Name(s): Valrick, Crimson, Salordrias.
  • Nickname(s): Val
  • Titles: N/A
  • Sexuality: She currently prefers women.
  • Martial Status: Single
  • Faith: Rohana


  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Danakov
  • Age: 35
  • Age Appearance: Appears to be in her mid twenties.
  • Height: 6'0
  • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Build: Mesomorph
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Yellow
  • Skin Color: Red
  • Scars/Tattoos: N/A
  • Hygiene: Valerie usually keeps up with her hygiene.
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  • Birthplace: The northern tip of the Eastern Continent in the old world. Agrione.
  • Current Residency: The Spirit Tree.
  • Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Orcish, Primordial Draconic, Danakovish.


  • Aided in slaying the Frost Giant living in Vikaldrum.
  • Helped free the Archscribe of Vikaldrum.
  • Helped combat the great frost dragon Elduredlar.
  • Survived two trips to Agrione's most dangerous places, the Volcanos of the North and South.
  • Survived the fall of the world Aversia and the void's assault, and successfully made it to the world Aethius, and the continent known there as Aversia.
  • Has encountered Sal'uun, Rohana, and Elduredlar, the three great dragon protectors.
  • Defeated a Banshee.
  • Defeated a Matekai.
  • Saved the magma giant Ekatena with Yolandi's help.
  • Defeated the orc Vultog in an arm wrestle.
  • Aided in slaying an Iceborn Dragon during one of it's attacks.
  • Gained the ability to communicate with Dragons.
  • Freed many souls from captivity trapped within soul jars by a necromancer in Rohalast's Elven ruin.
  • Helped end the curse of Rohalast's elven ruin, formerly dubbed 'The Tower Of Madness.
  • Helped defeat the Bloodspawn invading Highmeadow.
  • Helped fight Elduredlar's forces in the Dragon War.
  • Defended her kin in the volcanic regions of Rohana against undead led by an 'Ancient One', saved several lives while leading her people.

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Short-term Goals:

Ensure the Lavaborn Dragon-kin's race are preserved. - Accomplished.

Help Taelyn in creating a new home for the Danakov in the world of Aethius - Accomplished, before the Luk'mali destroyed it.

Long-term Goals:

Rebuild her clan after the destruction of many within due to the Aeklest - In progress

Have a family. - In progress

Not be a trainee at the hospital forever. -
In progress

Defend her brethren from the other races of Aethius. - Constant.

Romantic Passion 90-100%
Uncertain Feelings 80-89%
Platonic Love - This color.
Friends 70-79%
Liked 60-69%
Neutral 40-59%
Disliked 30-39%
Hated 20-29%
Despised 0-19%

Name: Erika Semori @Serethia
Percentage: 90%
Relation: Valerie has had a crush on Erika for quite some time, eventually developing into love. Erika pushes Valerie to try and experience new things, which has expanded the Danakov's perspective on the world vastly. She hopes that one day Erika will share in these feelings.
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