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Varii Ipsum. [Julius' Workshop inventions] (1 Viewer)


So, my character Julius is an inventor. And he well, invents things wich i put here. This will basically be common RP knowledge as the things he makes are probably going to be in public use.



View attachment 7501 A Bloodreaver (The left thing)

Its a crossover Battleaxe/Sword/Polearm. Julius had spent days in his house thinking of an idea, and months making the design. The weapon is very long, about 1,8 metres when resting on the ground with the knob. An attack would include the first strike by the axe part would damage the armour making an opening for the blade to sour through the enemy. This weapon is EXTREMELY difficult to use as it is heavy and requires skill to swing.


Reinforced Wooden or Metal grip and pole.

Double Bladed Battleaxe Blades [Metal]

Long Curved Sword [Metal]

Protection and Balancing knob [Metal]

Level of skill needed for usage: Experienced Fighter. It requires strenth and great technique to use. It's most usefull for royal guardians and great fighters who are protecting. It is less good of and offensive weapon

Poison Cutlass (Right thing)

Its a cutlass-Cleaver crossover, it is meant for disabling the enemy, as it will not cut through the flesh, it will cut into the flesh and let out a paralysing poison wich takes effect in a matter of minutes. This weapon is not hard to use, but to use it for what it is made knowledge of its prupose is required, also the bleeding from a deep wound must eb stopped to prevent the victim from dieing so smaller cuts are better.


Red Slik wrapped wooden handle,

Iron rugged blade.

Poison vial slots, closable with wooden plugs.

Level of skill needed: Apperentice for usage, knowledge required for proper usage. Trained warrior- for best usage



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