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It was the one and only thing Thaddeus said upon entering the new realm, and the last. The air was sucked from his lungs as he was put into a state of choking, curling up as he wrenched in pain. He opened his mouth to try and speak, but nothing came out, the only sounds he made being weak grasps for breath. Rage filled his body, his mind. It was the realization that not only was he in a breathless, dying vacuum, but the fact that he wasn't going to die from it. Mikael put him here, he damned him to a fate worse than death.

Thoughts raced through his mind, though he tried to calm himself. Difficult to do while choking and breathless, but Thaddeus remained alive, conscious. Olivia. Where was Olivia? She wouldn't know, Olivia wouldn't know. Lucrece wouldn't know, nobody knew. Mikael wouldn't tell anyone, he lacks the bluntness or honesty to confess his actions to anyone. A sudden disappearance. Even if someone did find out, they'd assume him dead. Yet there he was, eternally suffering. Tears welled in his eyes. He reached for his kukri, but remembered; he threw his kukri. He didn't have his kukri, the only thing that could've feasibly killed him. He can't snap his own neck, he can't sever his spine. He can't die, and he has three hundred years ahead of him.

His children. What would they think? He came back from the war, but not to them yet. They'll think he died in the war. No, his kukri is on the third floor. There's evidence of him being back. Lucrece knows he's back. Or, was back. Why? Why didn't Mikael kill him? He probably figured this would've done it, but Thaddeus never told Mikael. Out of fear that he would die because of it. He curled up in floatless space. He was practically dead to the world, maybe even to his goddess. Resentment built, and for the foreseeable future, Thaddeus seemed hopeless yet so emotionally built up He was alone, and that was going to stay that way for a long time.

"I will find him," Thaddeus thought. "And when I get out of here, I will bring a fate worse than the one he wrought upon me."

The words repeated in his mind, his mind becoming bent on vengeance. There is no punishment worse than the one he had been sentenced to. Hatred became dedication.

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