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Vermund's Teampseak Unironic Avatar Ban Appeal (1 Viewer)


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Hello there everybody. If you didn't already know, I'm currently avatar banned on Teampseak. This means I am unable to put an avatar picture on my teamspeak profile. Honestly It really isn't that big of a deal, but I would like to appeal it anyways.​

So, to start off, the avatar I was avatar banned for:​

It is a picture Louie drew for me one night. I was told it offended someone when I asked why I was avatar banned, and I was given no further information. The only person I could actually see this offending is Kate, and If I did in fact offend ​

her, you have my apoligies. However, I was not told to take the image down before I was permanantly avatar banned. The night I was avatar banned, Brogan also was avatar banned for the same reasons, except his picture was ​

a few Bosnians hanging. So, if it is not clear already, I feel this avatar ban is al ittle ridiculous. To continue, I only plan on using one avatar for the forseeable future. That is this:​

If this offends anyone at all, please contact me and I will change it immediatly.​


Thanks, Vermund.​




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