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  • Welcome team is to help get new and returning players whitelisted and integrated into the server.
  • They are to help new players fit into groups that fit them or their ideas, get players into RP, make them feel comfortable and follow up.
  • Welcome team is to help players with teaching them commands and the ropes to Aethier.

Welcome team is to be divided into two working segments, whitelisting and Newcomer Training.


  • Whitelisting has the responsibility to frequently work on whitelist applications and have them processed within a timely manner of their posting.
  • Whitelisting team are the gatekeepers over the forums through application, working to sift through applications and ensure players fit for the server are accepted and whitelisted upon acceptance
  • Welcome team is responsible for whitelisting people’s alt accounts.
Newcometer Training:

  • Newcomer training is responsible for making sure that players know how to use the .link command as well as other commands, as well as helping any new player with questions or concerns.
  • Newcomer Training is to focus on player experience, putting roleplay quality as a secondary feature to player attitude.
  • Newcomer Training are to provide new players with the newcomer training guide document. Newcomer Training may give new players tours of the server, though this is not mandatory if the player does not want one. What is required is making sure that new and old players feel wanted on the server.
Decision Making: Whitelisting

  • Whitelisting members have a say in all parts of the whitelisting application.
  • Whitelisting members decide whether or not a player is fit for the server.
  • Whitelisting have a say in how long an application may go unresponded to before it is to be declined (72 hours/3 days currently).
  • Whitelisting members have a say in how long after an application is responded to without the initial whitelister’s response can another whitelister jump in to help (6 hours).
Decision making: Newcomer Training

  • Newcomer Training can advise new players on how to set up their character cards, etc.
    • Lore violations are still to be handled by the lore team.
  • Newcomer Training can make suggestions on how to arrange spawn to be new-player friendly.
    • Factions team still has final say on all builds.
  • Newcomer Training is to ensure that the welcome guide is up to date and have control over updating it.
Permissions: Whitelisting

  • - Commands added for the Whitelisting Team:
    /wadd namehere (Adds a new player to the permissions system and greylist, - additionally prefixing them with the new player *)
    /wreturn namehere (Adds an older player to the permissions system without the new player marker)
    /wrtag namehere (Removes the new player tag from the player)
    /wremove namehere (Removes the new player tag if applicable, and revoked the users greylist status)

Permissions: Newcomer Training

  • Tpa
  • Tpahere
  • Ability to see tickets
  • Basic Forum Permissions
    • Archive old guides and lock older guides.
    • Edit guide threads if needed (With WT Heads knowledge of edits)
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