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what race would you like to play? (1 Viewer)

Duncan Steelfist

Humanity will endure
Patron 4
Keep it simple, brief descriptions and no blatant stupidity or Micky taking.

Only rules are :-

  • No lizard race.
  • No "God" Race.
Anything else you "Want" can be posted here for everyone to see/think about.


Tier 5 Nekomancer

- When I refer to these, I mean the Greek interpretation, where they are rather foolish and often alcoholics, rarely entering human 'society.'


- When I think of Fay, I think of them as a sort of nymph race, associated with the elements instead of wings.

Specific Insect Race

- When I think of these, I think of multiple arms, abnormally tall and thin, and very frail, yet flexible. No wings.

I know these include the races on the poll, I just thought I should restate them before others.. ^^"

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