when you apply for HR but get confused and end up as Faction Team Leader [Team Leader Announcement] (1 Viewer)


send help lmao
Team Leader
Lore Team
Build Team
Progression Team
This isn't HR..

Hey everyone! It's your certainly most hopefully favorite person on the entire server, ya boy, me. I am the third to be on the throne of Faction Team, First of His Name, and King of Progression, Politics, and Build Teams. And oh boy, is the realm not looking so hot. You might be wondering what I intend on doing about the political system, and I'll think about releasing some public tidbits on the direction I'm heading with it so everyone isn't hanging in suspense. Right now, it is still in brainstorming, so nothing is 100%. If you haven't found out already either from perhaps atrocious formatting or the lack of spice to make this thread pretty, I'm not great at announcements. This is just an @everyone ping so everyone knows that I am the new team leader.


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