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Witch's Hand Apothecary {IC Shop} (1 Viewer)


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General Information

Founded by Lillium Shink'maho. It is a budding business with the family history of medicine and herbalism. Based upon wellbeing and caretaking, the business strives for only the highest quality goods and consistency within the products. A business focused on pushing health and good care forwards.


Located by the docks of Highmeadow. It is tucked into a corner near one of the parks.

Herbal Goods

Sage Bundle - 5,000 Arunes
Often used as a spiritual cleanse, this incense like bundle also helps anxiety and causes relaxation.

Burns Gel - 5,000 Arunes
Soothes burns and prevents infections. Reduces inflammation, and increases skin regeneration.
Ingredients | Aloe Vera

Burns & Cuts - 5,200 Arunes
Reduces inflammation and prevents infection. Speeds up the healing process and provides a cooling effect. 5 doses per jar.
Ingredients | Chickweed, Mullein

Bad Breath Wash - 5,500 Arunes
Helps freshen breath and provides a cooling effect. Can be stored for up to 6 years.
Ingredients | Peppermint, Sage, Alcohol

Bad Breath Tea - 5,000 Arunes
Helps prevent disease in the mouth, along with freshening breath.
Ingredients | Ginger root, Spearmint, Green Tea Leaves, Boiling Water, Lemons

Hangover Cure - 5,000 Arunes
Treats the headache and aids in relaxation. Helps you sleep and recover.
Ingredients | Boiling Water, Feverfew, Hops

Hangover Tincture - 5,000 Arunes
Helps to detoxify the system, doesn’t treat the headache. Can be stored for up to 6 years.
Ingredients | Milk Thistle, Alcohol

Lavender Bath Salts - 4,000 Arunes
Relieves stress and helps soothe muscle aches and pains. The scent is pleasing and can be altered to the patient's desire.
Ingredients | Lavender, Epsomite

Pain and Swelling Oil - 3,200 Arunes
An oil that when rubbed onto the skin or a treated wound will soothe the skin and ease pain and swelling.
Ingredients | Ginger Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lavender Oil, Calendula Oil

Anemia Tincture - 5,000 Arunes
An ingested tincture made to treat symptoms of blood loss anemia.
Ingredients | Alcohol, Gentian, Wormwood

Feverfew Syrup - 4,000 Arunes
Ingested to treat moderate to high fevers.
Ingredients | Feverfew, Honey

Plantain Salve - 4,500 Arunes
A salve places upon minor cuts and scrapes.
Ingredients | Plantain, Beeswax

Potions & Trinkets

{More will be added as the character develops}
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Tools and Products

Spider-silk Bandages - 5,000 Arunes Per
Bandages made from tarantula silk and linen. These help quicken the healing process to a comfortable pace.

Bone Needles - 5,200 Arunes
Needles made to order. They're made from a variety of bones and are steady for use.

Spider-silk sutures - 5,200 Arunes
Thread made from sticky spider silk. Made to soften and prevent it sticking to itself. These sutures are then prepared for wound care.

Lavender Oil - 5,200 Arunes
Essential Oil distilled from lavender blossoms. In it's purest form it is good for medical use and aroma therapy.

Peppermint Oil - 5,200 Arunes
Essential Oil distilled from Peppermint leaves and roots. It is a pure form of peppermint and good for relaxation and aroma therapy.

Poisons & Weaponry

Custom Poisons - 80k {Price negotiable}
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Plants for Sale

Custom Arrangement - Fluctuating Price
Any custom arrangement can be made with a variety of plants and flowers. These are made to order and may change in price with complexity.

Eyebright - 500 Arunes
A small weedlike plant with soft white flowers. Has various medicinal uses.

Viper's Bugloss - 400 Arunes
A tall plant with deep purple flowers. Grows much like tall Lavender. Has few medicinal uses.

Lavender Sprouts - 600 Arunes
Sold as young sprouts. They eventually grow to tall bushes and flower with small buds. Has many medicinal uses.

Wormwood - 600 Arunes
A wild weed bush. This plant grows quickly and tall. Aromatic and used in many alcohols. Has various medicinal uses.

Mint - 300 Arunes
An aromatic weed that grows and stretches long tendril stems. It grows rapidly and spreads just as quickly. A plant with some medicinal use

Spearmint - 300 Arunes
An aromatic weed that grows tall rather than wide. It sports ruffle like leaves and thin stems. A plant with some medicinal use.

Opium Poppy {Under Prescription} - 1000 Arunes
A tall growing poppy. It creates a resin used for many medicinal uses. This plant is considered dangerous and highly addictive.

Peppermint - 300 Arunes
A small growing weed with leaves holding bumped edges. The stems are tender and the plant is good for medicinal use.

Rose Pot - 250 Arunes
A thorny bush with budding red/yellow/orange/pink/white flowers. They are young and meant to be potted and planted in permanent locations.


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Bone Setting
Treating broken bones and making splints for the need of the patient.

The delivery and care of bringing a child into the world

General well being checks and healing of wounds

Aroma Therapy
Treating illness and stress through the use of scents and oils.

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