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[!] Once again the orcess sent another toward the local government of Highmeadow, delivered to the King of the Rieklands or whatever department I'm meant to send this sort of thing to. Attached were the designs of the basement. [!]

To Koing Avel Maddoc,

First off, thank you so much for selling me the manor house in Highmeadow. I've been settling nicely. However, I've noticed a few small issues with the design and my size. With your permission I'd like to edit its interior as well as construct a little extra room in the form of a basement. I'm of course willing to pay any fines for acquiring the planning permission.

Thank you for your time,
Maui Borgahk


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A quick reply was written over a quality piece of rolled paper, the penmanship appearing to be that of the Konig himself.

"As long as the contents within the redecorated zone does not damage the infrastructure around the house then I approve of your edits, I wont bother fining a wealthy land owner while the realm is in this shape. Continue your decorations as planned."

-Konig Maddoc

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