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Credit and thanks to @Phantom for doing some amazing artwork

Current Full Name:
Yu-na Kim-Dahan El Maktoub.



Current Alias:
Tuya, Min-suk, Maui,

Birth Name:
Yu-na Kim

Smith, Yuna Prim


Political Alignment:
(To whoever is paying her the most)


Family Heritage:
Wealthy Merchant Family




Hanese Human


Age Appearance:
Mid twenties

120 lbs


Body Type:

Past Races:

Unbeknownst to her she is a blessed of Foli


Post traumatic stress disorder

Facial shape:
Yu-na’s face is rather typical for a Hanese human, having the rounded features often attributed to her homeland.


Skin tone:
A yellowed tan colour.

Raven black

Distinguishable Marks/Scars:
While usually hidden from view under her clothing. Yuna's arms, legs and torso are covered with tattoos. These tattoos depict a vine of colourful flowers twisting and blooming across her body.

Yu-na likes to keep clean, despite not being able to so all the time do to her like of travelling. This has resulted in her personal hygiene varying depending on her location. However, she will attempt to keep her hygiene the best it can possibly be in any given situation

Jing Tian

Personal Information

At first glance Yuna is an incredibly formal and introverted person. While not opposed to social interaction with others, after the events of the Seori war she found herself more and more afraid of getting to know anyone on a personal level out of fear of losing anymore friends or loved ones, thus resulting in her isolating herself from them. It s a sad fact that very few have seen engineer's true self, as most who have are driven away. However, more recently after some persuasion by her current partner, while reluctant she has began to slowly attempt to connect with others on a more personal level and has learned to enjoy the company of others.

First language:

  • Speaking: Fluent
  • Writing: Fluent
  • Reading: Fluent
Second Language: Common
  • Speaking: Fluent
  • Writing: Descent
  • Reading: Fluent
Third Language: Orcish
  • Speaking: Well versed
  • Writing: Well versed
  • Reading: Descent
Forth Language: Elven
  • Speaking: Descent
  • Writing: Poor
  • Reading: Poor
  • Quiet: Yu-na is likes to keep her opinion to herself, preferring to sit back and listen to the group in social situations such as large gatherings. This is often mistaken for shyness. However, it is actually just what she believes to be polite and has no issue confidently conversing with others if required or if she feels it is needed.
  • Greenskin-ophobic: Having grown up listening to the tales of Evil baby stealing Goblins stealing living high up upon the mountains in her homeland, the green skinned children of sterk have been painted in a rather bad light in Ya-na’s mind. It has not helped that since coming to Averisa they have been nothing but hostile and a major nuisance to her.
  • Opportunistic: When good opportunities present themselves to Yuna she’ll most likely take them no matter the mortal quandary. If it can benefit her without having any major drawbacks she’ll usually go for it.
  • Actor: Her years as a travelling merchant have granted Yuna many years of practise at playing certain roles in order to sell to her customers. This naturally comes quite in handy and Yuna doesn't see any problem in bending the truth of her circumstances if it's for the greater good.
  • Self-centred: While capable of empathy to others. Yuna tends to put her own feelings before others.
  • Hard Working: Yu-na’s life has taught her that with hard work you can overcome most obstacles.
  • Patient: Yuna is an incredibly patient woman. Her life as a business woman has taught her that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. That it is best to wait and know all the facts before acting. There is no sense taking a risk at an inopportune time.
Short term Goals:

  • Gain access to a forge []
  • Gain employment []
  • Learn about the foreign land around her []
  • Meet the 'royalty' of Averisa [] (Most of it anyway)
  • Design a weapon for a southern Averisan noble []
  • Begin to dabble in alchemy and learn how it can improve her weapons []
  • Acquire a new forge []
  • Acquire western clothes []
  • Acquire armour []
  • Outfit Illu with silver weaponry []
  • Outfit the Ylisean guard with weaponry and armour []
  • Make a Scorpio []
  • Acquire really strong rope []
  • Get Khashin to pay his debts. []
  • Write a book []
  • Survive The Yan River War []
  • Survive the End of the world [=]
  • Plan for the aftermath of the end of the world [ ]
  • Write an updated book on greenskins [=]
  • Write a book on weapon engineering [=]
Long term Goals:
  • Gain recognition from the Empress of Honji []
  • Make bank []
  • Gain a reputation as a master smith []
  • Gain a reputation as Averisa's greatest siege engineer []
  • Get her revenge on Vultog []
  • Publish her work on the faults of gods and why people shouldn't follow them. []
  • Discover the meaning behind her abilities [=]
  • Make black powder weaponry []
  • Get married []
  • Have a child [ ]
[] Achieved || [=] In Progress || [] Abandoned/Failed || [] Constant || [ ] No Progress

Religion: Unkown

While growing up in Honji Yuna was the taught traditional Hanese faith. That Empress of Honji was gods will on earth and she would protect her loyal subjects no matter what. For years she remained loyal to this belief, striving to achieve greatest in the hopes of one day returning to Honji and gaining the Empress’s favour. However, after the events of the Seori civil war her faith was shattered beyond repair.

After seeing so many people she knew die in the war, people who considered themselves loyal citizens of the Empress just like her she began disillusioned with her faith. In her mind, god that truly cared for their follows would have allowed such bloodshed to happen.

Unsure of what to think of the world with what she had believed for the majority of her life having been shaken so violently Yuna shut herself off from her friends and family and ran away. Over time, Yuna slowly came to terms with what happened and sharped a new world view for herself.

Believing the gods did not care for mortal kind she decided it is the duty of all sentient races to shape the world for themselves. That over reliance on any god, magic or spirit will only weaken a nation. Be it through bloody conflict or peaceful cooperation, all races of the world must strive to better themselves no matter what. however, as she lived by this believed something mysterious happened. Yuna was blessed by the goddess Foli.

Unaware of the exact god who had blessed her, Yuna was at first concerned. However, over time as she began to learn to use her new found abilities to supplement her own natural skills. She became thankful to the unknown goddess, seeing them as a guardian angle, a being up in the sky looking out for her and her wishes.

It's now her mission to find out more about her blessing, and what this higher being wants.

Relations (You'll never get any because I'm too lazy to update them)



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Still a little out of date but Phantom did good art of the character so updated a little enjoy

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