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Zyphr Ogan'Dykhaniye ~ The Pyreborn (1 Viewer)


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Custom Items Team
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[ignore the green eyes I gotta update that]

Name: Zyphr Maleficent Ogan'Dykhaniye

Nickname/Alias: --

Age: 37 [mid 100s in elven years?]

Gender: Female

Race: Desert Elf

4'11, toned, muscular, but limited in strength, focuses in agility and flexibility

Hair: Silvery white

Eyes: A deep brown/red, can be described as either

Skin: A darker golden tan, freckled

Tattoos/Scars: Her skin is laced with old, minor burn scars, some more apparent than others, but it blends with the freckles as they fade

Distinguishing Features: Her 6inch long elven ears, and, obviously the second eyelid common amongst desert elves

Traits or Blessings:
Hardy Stomach:

Able to hold her liquor and drink many of the other races under the table, within reason. She can consume questionable food and be less likely to become ill from it.

Second Eyelid:
As a member of the old Desert race, she possesses a second eyelid [like a gecko?] that is thin and translucent, it can slide over her eye and act independently from her normal eyelids, protecting her eyes from the dusts and winds of the desert climate.

Clothes: She wears what is commonly known as a "Silk", reinforced with some leather straps to keep it in place while shes dancing. She always wears her heavy belt, adorned with the tools of a fire dancer, she prefers in fact not to wear shoes, and always wears thick leather knuckle gloves. All of her clothing is not of high quality, besides the silk portions, but even then, it is spotted with suit and charred spots from stray bits of flame in her performances.

Hygiene: Not particularly good, im sure her skin would be a lighter color if she scrubbed at it.

Voice: Her voice is confident, and strong, but when she speaks.. Think of that typical red headed freckled girl in high school that has that slight, airy whisp, in her voice.

Family Heritage: For generations the Dykhaniye family has passed down the tradition of fire dancing, they traveled in a caravan together for years, teaching their children and their children's children the trade and skill of fire dancing, fire breathing, fire eating..

Object(s) owned of sentimental value: Her ruby amulet, passed down from her "ancestors" through the family, generation after generation.

Worships: Sol

Intelligence Level:

Known Languages:
Elven: 100%
Common: 10-16%

Title: --

Sexuality: Straight

Marital Status: Single

Best described as off putting, and two-faced.
She can act like an interesting, conversational type when it's necessary
However, most of the time she's her usual everybody-hating, uptight and high on a pedastol self

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral









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