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    • Serethia

      Minecraft 1.12   06/06/2017

      Update: Most plugins are now ready for 1.12, however we are currently still waiting on MorePlayerModels to update to 1.12. Hopefully this should not be a long wait.   Minecraft 1.12 has now been released but Aethier has NO intention of updating at this time. Spigot is not yet stable, and i do not wish to sacrifice server stability for the new features just yet. Further information will be given closer to an official server update. Please continue to use Minecraft Version 1.11.2 until further notice. Relay this message if possible!
    • Serethia

      Forums   06/08/2017

      Update: We have isolated MOST of the issues down to the theme the forums displays on, and have temporarilly changed it back to default while we work on a solution. You may re-enable the theme manually using the theme selector at the bottom of any page.   The forums are still being worked on- however we are awaiting a few critical updates aswell as the Theme Developers to push us an update. Hopefully these should patch the issues remaining in the forums at present. Apologies for the weird way things are displaying at the moment.
    • Serethia

      Internet Blackout - 12th July   06/13/2017

      Aethier Will be Participating in this years "Internet Blackout". During this time the front Page of our website will be unavailable, and you will through normal means be unable to get into the website. If you wish to bypass this on this date, please bookmark or save the https://www.aethier.co.uk/IPS/ URL, as it will get around this.   To read more on the Internet Blackout, Please see here: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/blog/2017/06/july-12th-internet-planning-day-action-save-net-neutrality-just-like-sopa-blackout-internet-slowdown/

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